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Product overview

Hand sealing devices • Table-top sealing devices • Heat sealing pliers • Film sealing pliers • Film sealing devices • Film sealing devices with air suction • Tube sealing devices • Horizontal film sealing devices • Sack sealing devices • Continuous sealers

Form sealing press SP-4 • Film sealing press for long and thick film widths • Sealing press for round-bottomed bags

Sealing bars • Heating bands • Accessories and materials subject to wear • Impulse units • Pinehole devices

Automatic bottom-seam bag machines • Automatic seal edge bag machine • Automatic film sealing machine for PE glove on paper

Tailor-made products. Overview of special sealing solutions based on the proven technology of our standard film sealing devices.

Das vielleicht schärfste Werbemittel der Welt. Schneidet alles, was ihm in die Quere kommt. Ideal fürs Büro, in der Werkstatt, im Haushalt, als Brieföffner und so weiter.



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